Welcome, we are X5 Chair

X5 Chair Kft. Was founded in 2015 and has a 100% Hungarian owner base ever since.

We are currently one of the largest regional - and increasingly international - providers in the FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) sector, thanks to our constantly growing partner base, primarily from Western Europe and the post Soviet countries.

At our Gyula site, production takes place on 1,200 m2 in accordance with the objectives of Industry on 10 modern injection molding machines. We also have a professional relationship with the Polymer Department of the University of Miskolc and the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Association, who with their expertise help to increase the sustainability and recyclability aspects of our products.

One of the key aspect to our continuous growth is that we have made several investments to expand production capacity in recent years, both in Békéscsaba and Gyula, and we are currently planning to build a new production complex that would fully meet export needs. Our medium-term plans include further expansion of production capacity in the EU.

Since we founded the company, our primary goal has been to supply the domestic and international market with high-quality and competitively priced products, relying on the pool of qualified human resources and the use of advanced production technologies and machinery.
Our partners